Position of Heales concerning BioViva’s Human Gene Therapy Development

The work of Bioviva is very interesting. We welcome all initiatives for the promotion of Healthy longevity.

We want to express our admiration to Liz Parish who courageously decided to experiment a therapy on herself.

Telomere length is one of the nine denominators of aging, as defined in the seminal article “The hallmarks of aging” ((Carlos Lopez-Otan, Maria A. Blasco, Linda Partridge, Manuel Serrano, Guido Kroemer).

Heales co-founder Sven Bulterijs verified the following things: 1) The blood samples were analyzed by a medical standard third party, in this case SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc., 2) That based on publicly available information, the methods and materials used by SpectraCell to measure the telomeres is up to scientific standards and 3) The results being discussed pertain to Liz Parrish’s white blood cells.

Other members of the board will examine all information they will receive about this experiment and will be happy to give advice if requested for such.

We are keen to see more and more people getting active on longevity and that the interest concerning this experimentation is positive.

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