About Us


Stimulating, promoting and informing the public about life extension achieved by all kinds of biogerontological technologies including SENS, calorie restriction, genetics, regenerative medicine,…


Heales organizes lectures (for both the general audience as for scientists), info sessions and gatherings. Heales spreads information by newspapers, internet (websites, news and information e-mails), magazines, flyers, posters and all other media to achieve its goal in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and other countries.

Heales invites guest speakers and disperses information about scientific, social, economical, ecological and ethic backgrounds of life extension.

Heales organizes musical festivals, diners, lotteries and other events with the goal of collecting financial resources to realize its goals.

Heales supports events organized by others as well as research and all the other activities conducted by others that can help the organization to achieve its goals.

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